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NuVybe Welcomes R&B Artist Jermaine Purifory


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NuVybe Welcomes R&B Artist Jermaine Purifory 

(November 21, 2013) NuVybe Records is proud to announce singing sensation Jermaine Purifory has been added to its growing roster of talented artists.

Purifory is an artist on the rise. Some know him as being a member of the group Voices of Lee, top finalists on NBC’s show “The Sing Off.” Others may remember him from FOX’s “American Idol” as one of the top 100 picks from season nine. In addition, Purifory has performed background vocals for FOX’s hit show “Glee” as well as contributing vocals to Mary J. Blige hit “Bridge over Trouble Water.” Now it is time for Purifory to take his musical talent to another level, and he is taking that step with NuVybe Records.

“I have so much respect for Herb Middleton,” says Purifory. “From our very first conversation I knew NuVybe was the label for me. I have many great mentors in my life and it’s an honor to be signed to a label with a man of such character and desire to inspire artists.”

Purifory’s passion, drive and desire for music keep him wanting more from the industry. Like many artists, Jermaine has one major influencer who taught him to bring soul to his voice.

“Stevie Wonder is by far one of the greatest artists out there,” Purifory explains. ”Hands down he is my number one influence from childhood. He is the true definition of longevity in this business and timeless music.”

Purifory’s understands that success does not come overnight. He has dealt with many obstacles so far in his career. On season nine of American Idol, he was placed in the top 100 best artists but did not win the overall competition. Purifory is on the road to success and with the power of prayer, Purifory says he was able to overcome challenges by having faith that he is going to make it in the music industry.

“My advice [to other upcoming artists] is to work hard and pray for the right opportunities to come to you,” Purifory says. “Ultimately the only one who can truly open doors no man can close is God himself. He will guide you if you trust in Him as I did.”

Media Contact: Amanda Peralta||704.450.7486